Mark and Carrie Dashing Oct 2009

Mark Your Calendar NOW for OCT 6 Puttin’ on the Ritz The runway lights turn on, the music get louder, the audience applauds and its Showtime at the Ritz in Ybor on 7th Ave. This Thursday Nights Show theme of the week is New Local Designers Fashions Show. 10 models introduce the new lineup of creative fashions by a few local clothing imaginatives including LaFrance and Nitty Gritty.. Lace with hemp, sporty bright color synthetics, women’s cotton evening gowns, tethered shirts and guys in sporty downtown aprapro suits. These up and coming design theme-sters are hard at work designing fad to retro vintage. The amazement of local talents didn’t disappoint anyone’s taste. Different and renewed fabric material designs emerged. In the sidebar of the backdrops we noticed resent Michigan transplant make-up artist, Michelle Barcia doing final touchups before the models walk on the runway. The night, another big success for Tampa and for the new kids in creative mode. A multiple showcase of creative designers, models, and light & audio crews all coming together. Every Thursday night Ritz in Ybor has been presenting a variety of artistic displays for the community. Past weeks included Indy cinema, creative carvings and designs, big band talents and jazz to artists on parade with a combination of realism paintings to impressionist sculptures. More artistic variety events are forthcoming. We welcome the local new talents on the horizon. It just may be some of these area artistic fashion designers that could be in the world spotlights displaying there wears.


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