Famous Frosting Mineral Makeup By designerbarcia

famous copy

Famous Frosting by designerbarcia

Mineral Makeup that was designed By Michelle Barcia a Famous MakeUp Artist from Tampa, Florida. Inspired by her two nieces MBmattebrooke she has created this line for you!  A Luxurious selection of irresistible must have loose mineral paint dust. Intense radiance colors and shimmer. Wear on your Eyes, Face, or Body. Paint dust Frosting may be used wet as an eyeliner or mix with clear gloss to create your own lip-gloss colors. Shades are rich and vibrant with High Intense Pigments to create a dramatic High Fashion look. Shades can also be natural Sun-kissed your choice? Michelle Barcia can create countless effects for any occasion you can imagine!  She will transform you into Couture Custom-Made just for you! Her sophisticated attitude with her Celebrity Experience makes her a “Select Stylist” of  Florida. Famous’ Frosting Call today to be Frosted or add to your collection? Hurry today to Hire designerbarcia for your Next Event!


One Response to “Famous Frosting Mineral Makeup By designerbarcia”

  1. Nice work, Michelle ! Add more,add more!

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