All About Me



One word to describe designerbarcia would be PLETHORA it means everything.

Michelle Barcia lives her life always giving and being honest to others. She is the one person standing behind the camera taking your picture smiling at you when you can’t even see her. She walks down the street praying silently to herself for a miracle to heal others. She loves her family and puts them first also taking care of her mother and father as they did for her growing up. Michelle has a twin brother Mike who is her mentor and two super model nieces. Michelle takes all credit for the introduction in 1994 at a surprise twin birthday party for her now sister n law while at her first year of College. She jumped out of a box yes the crazy unique one-of-a-kind person that she is showed a great party. Mike and Heather were married in Oct 1997. A day at work she never goes home without stopping by to give her nieces a kiss, a song, and pray goodnight. She has a heart like no other and it shows! In Michelle Barcia life she has had to over come many obstacle’s that for some would fail. No limits in her parents divorce, finances, and her own love life disappointment’s! All of which has made her who she is today. A strong determined women who has failed many times but got back up! Trying is the lesson’s of  life and finishing is the accomplishments she made! A leader, and far Superior she sets treads, she is sheek with ideas others admire, and she loves to have great energy to laugh at herself! Many people want her creativity and just imagine  it is only the tip of the ice burg. She will get your attention thats for sure!


Caption For Fashion

Cutie For Beauty

Sense For Events


2 Responses to “All About Me”

  1. Wow! what a beautiful-hearted person!

  2. Hello, you truly are what you say you are because I know.God bless you

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